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TLT Academy - VTCT NVQ3 Electrolysis Qualification

TLT Academy - VTCT NVQ3 Electrolysis Qualification

Electrolysis-Love it or Loathe it,  it is a must have for today’s professional therapist.

Electrolysis is the common name given to the practise of permanent hair removal for unwanted hair. Electrolysis is the technical name for the galvanic method of hair removal with short wave diathermy, the more common form being Epilation. These methods when blended together create the blend method.

The Electrolysis needle slides into the hair follicle and with the release of current the blood supply to the root of the hair bulb is cauterised. Care must be taken to insert the needle at the same angle as the hair grows out of the skin, which is the angle of the follicle, to prevent damage or injury to the skin. The efficient removal of the needle after the current has been released will prevent injuries such as white ring scarring.

History of Electrolysis:

Electrolysis has a long history dating back two centuries. In 1875 an Opthalmologist, Dr Charles Mitchell from Missouri USA, used electrolysis to treat ingrown eyelashes. In 1916, Paul Knee from New York, developed the multi needle technique for Galvanic electrolysis and in 1924, Dr Henri Bordier from Lyon France, developed the method of thermolysis known as  short wave, diathermy and high frequency. By the 1980’s electrolysis equipment became smaller, more reliable and easier to use. Pre-sterilised disposable needles were developed following the Aids Virus awareness.

During the 1990’s to date, equipment has been improved. Standardised training has made electrolysis both popular and accessible. The FDA have recognised electrolysis as Permanent Hair Removal.

Clients are often nervous about having an electrolysis treatment for fear of pain. The client will feel confident and more relaxed if the therapist is professional and adopts a no nonsense approach to the treatment. Quality training is crucial. The barriers many learners have to learning is the fear of entering the skin with a needle and the potential of causing the client pain. A skilled electrolysis practitioner enters the open hair follicle with such precision that the client feels minimal discomfort.

TLT Tilly Head have a fantastic range of training aids that will revolutionise electrolysis training. The most challenging obstacle for any learner studying electrolysis is the feeling of entering the skin with a needle. The TLT Probing Mask has the texture of skin. The unique design of the mask follicles gives the same resistance found when probing a hair follicle on a client. Learners will perfect probing skills and current control before working on live models. The learners increased confidence and skills will reduce the risk of white ring burning and scarring.

The TLT Probing Mask is a must have tool that will revolutionise your training. World famous Electrologist Rita Roberts said “I have waited over 20 years for this product. At a time when confidence and skill is essential this probing mask will enable learners to reach levels of competence safely and accurately as never before”. For centres offering VTCT  Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy the TLT Electrolysis Probing Mask is a brilliant training aid for skin needling. Electrolysis is a great introduction to advanced IPL Permanent Hair Removal.

The TLT unique Bikini and Underarm Probing Pad fully demonstrates the hair growth pattern found in these intimate areas. The unique Skin Tag Removal Pad gives the learner the opportunity to develop the skills required for this advanced treatment. Included in the range is a nipple pad and skin tag removal pad.

The VTCT Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy course has advanced electrolysis techniques alongside IPL as part of the course syllabus. IPL Intense Pulsed Light is a very popular method of permanent hair removal. IPL can also be used for skin rejuvenation. IPL has taken centre stage in the permanent hair removal market for the past ten years. The addition of advanced electrolysis to this qualification has given electrolysis status once again, which is refreshing for the treatment of electrolysis, employment and earnings potential are increased for professionals with more treatment services available that salon clients require from their therapist

TLT have an electrolysis introductory pack for colleges which includes the Tilly Head, Probing Mask, Bikini and Underarm pad, Nipple Pad, Skin Tag removal pad and PTU deluxe bag. For your learners the bikini and underarm pad is an excellent addition to the level 3 beauty therapy kit, to encourage probing accuracy and to overcome their fears.

To view our range of training aids designed for professional educators or to find out about  electrolysis course at levels 3 &4 visit our website

On this course you will study:

  • Consultation Techniques, Contra-indications, Contra-actions, After-care, Home-care advise.
  • Client care, Client preparation for treatment, Creating a relaxed environment
  • Legislation, Special Treatment License, Insurance, Legislation.
  • Anatomy & Physiology in relation to Electrolysis
  • The various methods of Electrolysis, Needle types, Product knowledge for Electrolysis
  • Diathermy and Blend Techniques
  • Provide a safe and efficient Diathermy Needle Epilation and Blend Electrolysis for the body and facial hair removal

The course will include:

  • Theoretical tutor input
  • Practical instruction
  • Theoretical home studies
  • Written assessment
  • Independent multiple choice  on line examination  paper
  • Practical assessment of the various treatment procedures

On successful completion of level 3 Electrolysis learner can progress to level 4 advanced electrolysis and IPL laser hair removal.

The cost of the course is £350.00 plus VTCT registration fee

Learners required to purchase uniform and kit

Government funding is available for individuals who meet the criteria.

For more information please contact us on 020 8462 3662 or email us.

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